10 Great Stocking Fillers for Creative kids

10 Great Stocking Fillers for Creative kids

If you have a creative kid, why not give them an art themed stocking this Christmas? 

Look out for:
1. Felt tipped marker pens – washable, child friendly varieties are best
2. Crayola Twistables Slick Stix
3. Scissors – safety scissors for younger children and decorative scissors (that cut patterned lines) for older children
4. Decorative hole punches (available from The Warehouse)
5. Watercolour paints or pencils and oil pastels
6. Little frames for mounting artwork
7. Playdough, air dry clay or plasticine
8. A big roll of paper and sketch book
9. A collage kit containing fabric shapes, wool scraps, sequins, buttons, scrapbooking papers, cellophane, Popsicle sticks, matchsticks, glitter, glue and glitter glue 
10. A good quality art smock – (washable, plastic lined and long sleeved with elasticised wrists)



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