Christmas Gifts for Teachers – To buy or not to buy?

Christmas Gifts for Teachers – To buy or not to buy?

Remember that it's totally your choice whether your wish to buy for your child's teacher at Christmas. Many parents feel it's enough to thank the teacher at the end of the academic year so you shouldn't feel pressurised into buying at Christmas too if you really can't afford to. 

Some parents feel uncomfortable about giving a monetary gift, and this option doesn't really involve your child, which is where making a homemade gift comes into its own - your child will get real pleasure from making something personal for their teacher, you can keep costs down and a unique gift is usually more appreciated than something picked up last minute from the shops.
Here are some thoughts on this subject from both parents and teachers:

"We don't give the teacher Christmas gifts, just a present at the end of the year. They get a home made card at Christmas. My aunt is a teacher, and so was my Grandad, and I know full well that many of the presents they get are 'recycled' as they just get so much. If my children make something for the teacher they always get a lovely thank you card back, we never get them for bought gifts. Go for homemade (and unique!) if your children want to give a gift." Posted by Alison H
"As a teacher I can say it certainly isn't expected - some parents do, some don't. The nicest gift I had was from a boy who had written a poem for me about the stuff he had enjoyed doing in class. It had pics of him and he'd framed it. It actually gave me a little tear!" Posted by Liz B
"I don't buy gifts at Christmas or the end of year I barely have enough to buy my own gifts for my own family. I have been asked to contribute for a collection and have had no problem saying I can't afford to. However after not doing something one year my daughter was very upset as she was the only one who hadn't brought anything in so I told her to maybe draw the teacher a picture or write her a letter, which she did. I do appreciate the job that teachers do and I do make sure I tell them that at parent consultations, and explain I just can't afford to show it with a gift." Posted by Sally B
"My son has an excellent teacher, so I go out of my way to get them something nice, and it doesn’t have to cost the earth. I got a couple of boxes of muffins for them to share, and then I made some hampers of handcrafted soaps and bath stuff, and a homemade card from DS." Posted by Kay T.
Edible gifts
Homemade edible gifts should be appreciated at Christmas, and look so much nicer than a hastily bought box of run-of-the-mill chocolates.
"This year, DD and I will be making shortbread for her teacher and teaching assistant. We are going to wrap in cello-wrap with a tag and Christmas card that DD designed.  So much better than buying chocolates/smellies, and cheaper too! " Posted by Stacey C.
"My daughter and I spend a lovely afternoon making cheese straws together. We put them in little pots. She draws a picture, and this year will write a little thank you message too. Very cheap, very simple, me and DD get quality time together, and the teachers get a pot to keep and a homemade treat." Posted by PJ
Check out our recipes for Christmas Bark, Truffles and more for delicious and simple gifts ideas that are sure to be appreciated.
Ideas for shop-bought gifts
If you're pushed for time shop-bought gifts are the obvious choice. Word has it that recycling unwanted gifts isn't unheard of, so to avoid that happening to your gift, make sure you pick something a little more original than a box of chocolates, mug or bottle of bubble bath. How about:
A pretty notebook
A lovely Christmas tree decoration, which you can put in a nice box or gift bag
Some packets of seeds, tied together with a festive ribbon and placed in a gift bag
A packet of 'posh' tea, coffee, or hot chocolate (a treat at break time!) 


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