Girls’ Guide to Camping

Girls’ Guide to Camping

By Vanessa Beddoe-Sandstrom

 No, we’re not talking about flashy fish smokers and beer chillers; this list is created especially for us women! Click here to learn more.

Camping Dos and Don’ts
Have you ever forgotten your jandals on a camping trip, remembering only when you catch a glimpse of the overflowing plughole in the ablutions block?  Read on to make sure your next camping trip is more comfortable, luxurious and hygienic!
Do simplify your meals! You deserve a break too, and if this means a few more food additives and not starting every meal from scratch then so be it. The kids will thank you for it!
Do pack a book or magazines and give yourself the time to enjoy them. Send the kids on a treasure hunt and sit back and relax! 
Do pack yourself some nice scented body wash and a loofah. Just close your eyes and you could be in a five star hotel!
Don’t forget your jandals! (Or your child’s or partner’s.) Who wants athletes’ foot for Christmas?
Don’t forget the feminine hygiene products! Not only can you guarantee you’ll need them if you don’t bring them, you can also guarantee the campsite shop will be closed when you find out.
Do pack yourself a mum hamper! Grab your favourite crackers, cheeses and chocolate and keep well hidden.
Don’t forget to pack some emergency rainy-day treats to surprise the kids. A comic, a puzzle book or new game can keep the kids occupied for at least half an hour!
Do pack the good sheets. Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you have to sleep in a musty old sleeping bag.
Do appreciate the kids waking you up early in the morning (for they will). Watching the sunrise is amazing! 
Don’t forget to prepare a few ghost stories for the kids. Combine with marshmallows and a campfire to create wonderful childhood memories.
Do go easy on yourself. No matter how many lists you read or create, you will forget dishwashing liquid and/or a sharp knife.  Blame your partner.


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