Mother's Day Ideas for Kids

Mother's Day Ideas for Kids

Spoil mum this Mother's Day

 If you're a kid looking for ways of spoiling your mum his year, we’ve got loads of Mother’s Day Ideas for you to choose from:

1. One of the best things you can do to help your mum on Mother’s Day is to do your jobs without needing to be asked!

2. Try and find a job you can do for mum that would really help her – like cleaning out, washing and polishing the car.

3. Run her a luscious bubble bath, lighting candles to soften the lighting. Leave her in peace to enjoy it!

4. Cook a special meal of her favourite foods where you can all sit and enjoy it. Light some candles, turn off the tv, add some music and conversation and you’ll all enjoy it.

5. Make a collection of her favourite music to program into her iPod or burn to disc (if legal!)

6. Make her a Mother’s Day card. Hand made cards are a real treat. Write her some words inside about how important she is to you.

7. Offer to give her a foot rub, or a back rub. Mums always welcome those for their tired bodies!!!

8. Get mums favourite movie from the store and pop some popcorn and sit and watch it with her...without complaining once!

9. Make mum a book of coupons good for future use, with things like " 1 free dishwashing" or "a quiet moment alone" or "1 day free of complaints".

10. Get creative and give mum a treat with a piece of art. It might be a painting, sculpture or even a t-shirt that the kids decorate.


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