Play Felt Christmas Tree & Ornaments

 Play Felt Christmas Tree & Ornaments

Toddler’s Christmas Tree

We absolutely love this idea for a DIY toddler’s Christmas tree – hours of fun and hopefully they’ll leave the other one alone! 

Toddler’s Christmas Tree
by Natalie from
I decided that instead of having a battle over the littles tearing up the real tree this year,
they needed a tree of their own to play with! Now they can decorate and more importantly UN decorate their tree as many times as they please.
(This is some serious entertainment… it just MAY have to stay out all year long!)
1. I started out by cutting a triangle of felt, then I cut out different size and coloured felt squares for presents and embellished them because every Christmas Tree HAS to have presents under it, right?!
2. I grabbed my hot glue gun and glued the presents to the tree so they cannot be removed. Hot glue LOVES felt!

4. Then I cut out different ornaments and lights, some plain, some with dots, some with stripes! (have fun with it!)
Slap those cuties onto the Felt Tree and…

…now the littles have their own tree to do with whatever they please!

If all goes as planned, your tree will remain in tact through the Christmas Season!
Merry Christmas!


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