Movie Review: The Lego Movie

Movie Review: The Lego Movie

The movie everyone has been waiting for.

An animated 3D film, The Lego Movie is made almost entirely from Lego bricks and mini-figures and has a powerful theme running through it that will make it a favourite for both young and old.


The story is centered around Emmet, one of those ordinary mini-figures who has nothing special in his life.  He does what he's told, when he's told in order to fit in to the various Lego worlds (one of which is Middle Zealand).  In an awkward and accidental moment, he becomes the keeper of the 'Kragle' - the one item that might overthrow Lord Business and his mission to freeze the Lego universe and all within it.

Tradition tells that a 'special' will discover the Kragle, and so Emmet finds his life under threat from Lord Business and all of his followers as he joins forces with Wyldstyle - a savvy female mini-figure.  He soon learns that Lord Business is threatened with the idea of Master Builders - those who can build anything from Lego blocks.

The Lego Movie is a fun insight into creativity, ultimately encouraging parents and their children to think think beyond the instructions and use the imagination because then, anything is possible.

4/5 stars

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