From the Mouths of Dads: How Has Fatherhood Changed You?

From the Mouths of Dads: How Has Fatherhood Changed You?

With Father’s Day just around the corner we asked some reachME dads how they’ve changed since their babies were born. Thanks for your great responses Dads!

  • “It’s turned me into a wonderful fairy. I never considered wearing a tiara and carrying a wand before, now, as dad to three girls, I seldom go a day without. I never knew I could look so good in pink.” Jason
  • “I value and look at my own parents and brother with different eyes. I guess you could say I attach more importance to these relationships than before I had kids when I would go months without contact them, because now I know what it’s like to be the parent of two boys I understand how much my mum wants and needs us all to be close.” Nick
  • I actually like kids now! Before I had my own I had no patience and couldn’t really understand why you’d want to be around them. Now I have a two year old, I get it! It’s fun, they are little comedians and you get to be a kid again yourself. I made a awesome slingshot last weekend.” James
  • “I have a much bigger tolerance for bodily fluids. I hadn’t changed a nappy before I had my daughter, and now nothing fazes me. And after being down at the business end during my wife’s labour, I'm not so squeamish during horror movies.” Ed
  • “I never thought 7am would be a sleep in… Now it’s a luxury. I guess this means that fatherhood has made me way less selfish. This also means I drink a lot less, because I know there’s no chance to sleep it off.” Richard
  • “It’s turned me from a rugby bloke into the soppiest dad you’ll find. I just can’t believe a 50cm long spewing, pooing and screaming creature can make me feel so utterly happy and in love. See? Soppy as.” Phil
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