A juicy week...

A juicy week...

How many of us can say we fed our picky toddler two stalks of celery, one beetroot, 1/3 of a cucumber, a wedge of red cabbage, an apple and quarter of a lemon (skin on)? Well I can… and that was just breakfast! Skitey skitey yes?

Well yes, but I've found the golden ticket and I'm sharing this pearler with you. Three weeks ago in a whim of health-inspired Trademe surfing I stumbled upon juicers. As I'm trained, almost, as a Naturopath I've heard the merits of juicing shouted from rooftops for years. But I never thought it would be my thing. You see I'm a self confessed “fad-er”. I played piano, I rode horses, got my father to build me a skateboard ramp and joined a rugby team all in my 9th year, I've never held a steady profession until my market materialised and I suspect this lasting the distance is due to its unpredictable nature. I’m just not a 9-5 office girl. I wish I could be. A little off track there but point proving never the less.  Three weeks in and I'm STILL juicing!

I started the journey in a bid to give me enough energy to keep up with this mad lot and perhaps counteract the guilt of my 1-2 wines that maintain my sanity every evening. I knew enough to know that masticating juicers were the best. Rather than blending the foods to an oxidised pulp and straining the juice, masticating juicers "chew" the foods and spit out the juice leaving nutrients and cell walls intact. Apple juice stays apple-juice-colour without going brown for up to 24 hours… try doing that in your blender-juicer. So knowing this I refined my search and found that if this was my juicer of choice I was looking at was, at the very least $550. Yoikes! There wound be no hiding that transaction. I kept searching.  My fad-ing whimpers in the shadow of my ability to find the best bargain… The Lexen wheat grass juicer is indeed more than meets the eye. In actual fact he can transform any vegetable or fruit into the finest masticated juice at the humble price of only $50 -give or take. I got the hand crank version and can credit these fine calluses on my right hand to my time as a veteran juicer. That's right. Three weeks! 

I started my journey with a juice fast, or feast as we decided to call it. It seemed more motivating. I drank five juices daily and absolutely loved every drop. Firstly, it's important to theme your juices by colour, a brown juice just isn't inviting. I go either red or green. Secondly drink a lot of water and herbal teas in between juices and thirdly add lemon (skin on) to everything, it tastes amazing and is amazing for you.  The kids love it. They insist I make them one every day. I lost 3kg in 5 days but most importantly it has changed my mindset on what goes in. Day 2 was an eye opener for me, my subconscious was swearing at me to consume eggs on garlic bread and to raid the baking chocolate, I simply turned up my nose and juiced on. Here is my favourite recipe to date. It's a beautiful way to start the day and activate your liver and digestion. Enjoy and please let me know if you have any awesome juice recipes!

2 Green Apples
2 Stalks of Celery
1/3 Cucumber
1/2 Lemon (all together now SKIN ON)   

Throw them through the juicer and masticate!


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