Summer shape up?

Summer shape up?

1. Wake up to a healthy breakfast.
After hours without food your body needs to be reenergised with a healthy breakfast. Breakfast helps your body to burn calories more efficiently throughout the day which is something we all want!

Recent research has found that breakfast eaters have lower body weights and are less likely to gain weight compared to non-breakfast eaters – a good incentive to make sure you eat breakfast! Breakfast is a great opportunity to fill up on foods that provide your body with lots of nutrients for good health & energy. Ideally, a healthy breakfast should contain:

• Wholegrain carbohydrates (e.g. Healtheries Bircher Muesli, wholegrain toast)
• Milk or milk products (e.g. reduced-fat milk , yoghurt or cheese, calcium-fortified soy milk)
• Fruit or vegetables (e.g. fresh fruit, canned fruit in juice, grilled mushrooms/tomatoes)
A perfect diet may provide all the vitamins and minerals the body needs, but few people are able to do this every day. Take a Healtheries Women’s Multi each morning to help your body get all the nutrients it needs  to boost energy levels and keep you on top of your game!
2. Move more, sit less. Moving throughout the day is just as important as set exercise to help boost energy levels.  Try walking more and taking the stairs as often as you can. Think of every opportunity to move as an opportunity to burn calories and there will be no stopping you! 
3. Snack smart.  Healthy snacks are a great way to refuel and get you through the day. Just remember a snack is something small to eat in between meals when you are hungry. Try Healtheries grain wafers topped with hummus, a pottle of yoghurt or a handful of unsalted nuts & seeds for a tasty & nutritious snack.
4. Work up a sweat.  Aerobic activity really does it for your heart health and weight loss goals.  Dance classes, hoola hooping, power walking, touch rugby, surfing, and flying your kite are all fun ways to get your aerobic activity up. Aim for at least 30 minutes of exercise on most days of the week.   
5. Moderation is the key. You don’t have to give up your favourite foods to feel fit and healthy. You just have to look at how much and often you are eating them. For example, if you love chocolate try 2 squares each day instead of the craving the whole block! Save other high-fat and high-sugar foods like takeaways and ice cream for special occasions or once per week rather than eating them most days.
6. Watch those drinks! Drinks can add so many extra calories to your day which can make it really hard to shift that extra weight. Juice, soft drinks, sports drinks & energy drinks are all high in sugar and energy. A 600mL bottle of soft-drink would take you about 39 minutes of walking to burn off! Alcohol is another thing to watch….2 glasses of wine contains about the same amount of calories as 2 eggs on toast. Aim for only two alcoholic drinks at any one sitting and to have at least three alcohol-free nights per week.  The best drinks are water, low-fat milk and tea & coffee made with low-fat milk and no added sugar.  
7. Make your meals a healthy plate. Aim to fill your dinner plate with the following to ensure you get different foods in the right amounts:
• ½ plate filled with non-starchy vegetables/salad ( peas, broccoli, tomato, lettuce)
• ¼ filled plate with carbohydrates (wholegrain bread, wholemeal pasta, kumara, rice)
• ¼ plate filled with protein foods (lean meat, chicken, egg, cheese, legumes, nuts)
8. Join in physical activities at work.  If you work and your company runs yoga or zumba classes or goes for a group jog or walk, join in – others will also be beginners so give it a go.
9. Foods aren’t good or bad.  Some foods have more fat, sugar or salt, while others have more fiber and vitamins.  It’s a matter of getting the balance right and learning to make sure you have more of the healthy stuff, and less of the treat stuff that is high in fat, sugar, or salt. Remember it’s what you do most of the time that matters!
10. Make healthy food swaps. Without drastically changing behaviour you can choose products with less fat, less sugar and less calories. Over time these will add up to help you meet your summer shape up goal. The best thing about it is you can keep it going….forever! Try these healthy food swaps:
• Swap regular milk for trim milk (ask next time your ordering coffee!)
• Swap butter for reduced-fat margarine
• Swap mayonnaise for Balsamic vinaigrette
• Swap coconut cream for lite coconut milk or coconut-flavoured evaporated milk
• Swap Tasty or Cheddar cheese for Edam cheese



Shilpa Kyte on 19 October 2012 17:07
i have been thingk about it but my backpain lives me with more pain

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