6 Quick Budgeting Tips for Christmas

6 Quick Budgeting Tips for Christmas

Here are some tips from www.familybudgeting.org.nz to get you thinking:

1. Plan ahead. Buy when prices are lowest and items are on special. Don’t leave buying to the last minute.
2. Put aside money for Christmas each payday.
3. Set a budget for gifts and stick to it. Discuss gift buying with family and friends and decide who to give to, and agree maximum amounts. Think up economy gifts to make or buy.
4. Consider second hand gifts, and don’t feel pressured into buying gifts for every single family member and friend.
5. Don’t be tempted to borrow or get into credit deals. Don’t be sucked in by elaborate advertising.
6. Be realistic about food and drinks. Traditional and expensive foods may not be as appreciated as the simple family favourites.
Do you have tips for coping with the cost of Christmas? Share them below.



Abeth Mckerchar on 29 November 2012 11:25
what ever you give to anayone or your friends they dont think how much you give most importand is came from the hurt that you give


Abeth Mckerchar on 29 November 2012 11:24
yes i agreed with this its good to be practical now everything very expensive,think first before buy things buy only if really need

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