7 Tips for organising your family schedule

7 Tips for organising your family schedule

How to manage your busy family schedule

 Being busy is a fact of modern life, and sometimes it can feel overwhelming trying to keep up with everyone’s schedules.  Parent/teacher meetings, work, errands, after school activities and of course housework can all mount up.

Here are 7 tips to keeping organised:
  1. Have a family board
Kept in a prominent place, the family board allows each person to add what they are doing during the week, plus any shopping requirements (instead of finding out as you’re walking out the door). 
  1. Emphasize personal responsibility
Having an organised family requires that each member contributes to the smooth running of the week.  Make sure they add their own information to the family board.
  1. Have a family phone list
Make sure there is a list of key numbers near the telephone that can be used when needed.  Include kindergartens, schools, mum, dad, caregiver, doctors, babysitters and other numbers you regularly use.

  1. Respect time for you
Parents need to take time to exercise and relax.  Running around and not scheduling time for yourself will lead to bad health and high stress levels.  Carve out time in your week and stick to it – even if it means paying for a sitter.
  1. Take time for adult relationships
It is important for your emotional health to maintain quality adult time – whether with a partner or friends.  Some couples set up a regular date night, but if you don’t have a partner, scheduling a friend night can be just as beneficial.
  1. Know what’s important
Take some time to think about what you value both as a person and as a family.  It may be exercise, time together, reading or other community activities.
  1. Review the schedule
Look for activities that can be dropped – are your children doing too many after school activities, are you taking on too much volunteer work?  Compare what you’re actually doing with what your priorities are, and see if you can make tweaks in your schedule.  You’ll feel more fulfilled if you are doing what is important to you.


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