From career to carer

From career to carer

One of the challenges many women face when becoming a mum is the gaining of a dependent combined with the loss of our own independence, especially if we’ve given up our job and income to raise a baby.
This month we’ve been lucky to have an honest and open chat to a mum and a mum-to-be about how they are making the transition from career to carer.
“I went from web designer to mother in a haze of nappies, colic and overwhelming love, says Megan, a stay-at-home mum of two.
"I certainly wasn’t prepared for the fact that I’d have no time to freelance as I’d intended, and that if I ever did have a minute to spare, the most I could do was stare into space and wonder what it would be like to finish a cup of tea.”
"Without the additional income from freelancing, I become completely dependent on my partner’s income to cover all our expenses. I had gone from having a great job to becoming a homemaker overnight, and it took time to adjust to this new identity.”
"Keeping the lines of communication open with my partner was extremely important, and having him understand my concerns about my future employability and our financial situation really helped ease some of the stress.”
"I wish I’d been more realistic about the amount of time I could dedicate to freelancing and the fact that I ended up wanting to stay at home much longer than I intended."
"Of course, it wasn’t easy giving up a job I loved, but it was made easier by the fact that I gave it up for someone I love more than anything in the world.”
Fiona is 31 weeks pregnant and due to start maternity leave in a couple of weeks. While she can’t wait to become a mum, she’s worried about financial security and is desperate to get onto the property ladder.
“This is our first child. We’re desperate to buy a house, but are worried that it will become too much of a stretch when we go down to one income. All I want to do is nest, but I can’t see a time when buying a house will be affordable, especially when we want to have at least two children."
"We’ve purchased most of our baby gear from Trade Me, and friends and family have been amazingly generous. My husband has also taken on some extra work that will boost our income, so hopefully a house of our own isn’t such a distant dream. And anyway, I’m going to have plenty to keep me happily occupied when the baby arrives.”



Rebakah Dassler on 30 April 2013 14:02
It is really hard going down to one income in today's economy. I love staying at home with my little one and am trying to work the budget so I can stay at home as long as possible.


Xanthea Brophy on 19 June 2012 21:24
ive recently done the same thing gone from being a full time working herd manager to homemaker to our 4 kids and am finding it a bit over whemling going from two decent incomes to jst one but what makes it all the worth while and gets me past it is the smile on my 4 young childrens faces each morning when they are thrilled to have mum home b4 and after school instead of me being out on the farm.takes time to ajust but worth it.

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