Played or Dismayed? Best and worst Christmas presents of 2012

Played or Dismayed? Best and worst Christmas presents of 2012

What gifts caught your child’s imagination this Christmas? Vanessa Beddoe-Sandstrom runs through her kids’ Christmas haul to see what’s been played with, what’s already broken, and what’s been forgotten underneath the sofa.

The Boys’ Christmas Haul
Here’s what they got from Mum and Dad, relatives and friends (excluding a number of drink bottles, articles of clothing and beach towels).
1. A half-finished tree house 
My husband has been working on this day and night. Rained so much on Christmas Eve that he wore his winter wetsuit while building. Floorboards down, no safety rail and no actual house (yet). Kids very excited and are enjoying ‘helping’ Dad.
2. Optimus Maximus Prime and two Transformers
Played with a lot on Christmas day, since then has been left upstairs, but talked about frequently.
3. Wooden pirate ship
Grown ups seem to enjoy playing with this more than the kids. It’s a beautiful toy, but a little bit breakable, sadly. The toy cannon that comes with it could break a window, so thankfully the kids can no longer find the cannon balls. 
4. Water pistols
Have already been banished to the dusty graveyard at the top of the fridge. Kids loved them but cannot be trusted.
5. Seedling Spy Kit
An absolute winner. Captured our eldest’s imagination from the start, and the fake moustaches are inspired. Includes glasses that allow you to see backwards. Invisible ink pens already destroyed, but much admired during their brief life.
6. Seedling Explorer Torch
Mr 6 fell asleep with this on his head, a sure sign of success.
7. Guppies in fish tank
Ignored at first, but now a source of infighting as to whose turn it is to feed them. Have been christened with a variety of names including: Shark Pool, Cheese Cracker and Stinky Poo.
8. Colouring in book and felt tips
Felt tips dried up because lids left off. Long forgotten.
9. Batman figurines
Will turn up some time. No doubt under the sofa and haven’t been played with since the wrapping came off.
10. And the winner is:
The large plastic storage container that housed an emergency kit given to us by my parents. Non-stop fun (until I noticed the scratch marks on the floorboards), as a homemade roller coaster pushed down the hallway. About twice as much time spent playing with this than any toy they unwrapped under the tree. 
Note: I left out my daughter’s presents as she’s 10 months old and is more interested in digesting things she finds on the floor. 



Liz Milner on 28 December 2012 14:08
Scooters were the clear winners in our house with ALL the kids, my big boys also got invisible ink pens and were very interested in them but that only lasted a few minutes *sigh*

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