Strike a Pose Baby!

Strike a Pose Baby!

We're always interested in meeting talented and enterprising mums, and this week reachME had a chat with Georgia Barnes, who spends her days creating lasting memories of the most important people in our lives.

1. How did you get into baby photography?
I became a professional photographer once my first child was born - children are the most inspiring subjects.  My midwife at the Warkworth Birthing Centre was impressed by my images of my son and asked if I would like to be the onsite photographer. It seems that it was not only me that loved having keepsake images to cherish as my photography business continues to grow with families returning to allow me to photograph the next milestone.   

2. What’s your favourite age to photograph? 
Newborns (at the birthing centre babies are between 1 to 4 days old – so very precious) and you can be so creative at this age. Newborns will curl as in their mum’s tummy up until about 4 weeks old.  The other age I love is 6-7months – when they are sitting but not yet moving – lots of amazing personality and they are very very gorgeous at this stage.     

3. What insider tips could help us take better photos of our children at home?
Good, clear backgrounds that don’t take the eye away from the child. Remember to change your perspective – move in to get small features, take photos from different angles and heights.  And remember to not always aim for that “perfect posed” shot as some of the greatest memories can be the moodiest, messiest, emotional ones. 

4. What should/shouldn’t parents do during a portrait session?
Allow the photographer to guide the session but be happy to assist when/if needed.  Keeping the session fun is always my main goal as a happy child = great shots.  What to bring really depends on a number of factors including age and location. I have a garage full (taken over the man cave) of props and outfits that are available to use with my photoshoots. 

5. What’s the most difficult photo session you’ve ever had?
Well that would always have to be my own children’s photoshoots – I am on the quest for the perfect shot but they (after being my models all their life) tend to run a mile when the camera appears. 

6. What’s the best thing about your job?
The best would definitely be meeting the most fantastic families and receiving such incredible feedback from them about my images.  Also seeing my images in print in magazines, adverts and will always make me buzz - I really do love my job! 

You can see more of Georgia's amazing photographs at


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