reachME mums share the REAL baby essentials

reachME mums share the REAL baby essentials

We asked a panel of reachME mums what they consider the essentials for baby’s first few weeks and their response was unanimous: newborn babies really don’t need much more than love, warmth, regular feeding and nappy changes.

The essentials:

  • Baby Carrier: Our mums used baby carriers in the first few weeks more than they used the pram. Most recommended either a Moby-type wrap or Ergo-baby (with newborn insert) carrier. Don’t forget to keep an eye on Trade Me for second-hand ones (but watch out for fakes).
  • Muslins: At least a dozen… can be used as a blanket, swaddle, bib, vomit guard… one mum even tore one in two for a wet wipe and a nappy when caught short!
  • Onesies: Our mums said that for all the cute outfits they’d bought in advance, the only ones they really used day in day out were the all-in-ones. More comfortable for baby than lying on a waistband and bunched up top and easier for washing and nappy changes. The Bonds Wondersuit was really popular for winter babies.
  • Comfortable chair for nursing: Most mums wished they’d had a really comfortable ‘work station’ set up for breastfeeding. A high backed chair with arms, and a table within reached stocked with ‘scorched almonds, books and a glass of water’.
  • Moses basket: Don’t rush out to buy a cot in the first few weeks – our mums loved having a Moses basket with a stand that could be moved around – from beside mum’s bed at night to wherever they happen to be during the day (great for when baby’s asleep but you don’t want to leave them down the other end of the house). Cosy, safe and super practical when visiting friends etc.
With all the advertising and advice that pregnant mums are bombarded with, it’s easy to be convinced that your baby ‘needs’ all the sensory toys, expensive nursery furniture and whatever else the clever marketers want to throw at you. Just remember: babies a couple of generations ago learned to walk and talk just as well without them… and there’s no better way to sooth a crying baby than a feed, a clean nappy and a cuddle.



Ursula Burling-Claridge on 08 April 2013 18:49
you forgot the most essential thing, A car-seat/capsule can't drive anywhere without one of those..

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