5 Ways To Simplify Your Family’s Morning Routine

5 Ways To Simplify Your Family’s Morning Routine

By Tina Gray

We usually walk to school but there have been many times that we have either slept in, or just have been so unorganised, that I’ve had to toss them in the car and drive the couple of blocks just to get them there in time.
So over the last few months, we have put some things in place to try and help make mornings a little easier and I thought I would share them with you…

  1. A command centre – We’ve had this in place for a few months now and it has made a huge difference. The kids now come home each afternoon, take out their lunch boxes and any notes and hang their bags on their hooks. The notes, after I have looked at them, get hung up on the noticeboard, and lunch boxes get put into the kitchen right away. Having the notes on the board means that I know what needs to be paid when and there’s no need for the teachers to send a reminder *blush*
  2. Know what’s going to be for breakfast – One of my children is quite happy to have cereal every morning for breakfast, the other one likes a bit of variety so it’s helped me to have a bit of a meal plan to mix it up a bit. It also stops the “what do you want for breakfast?” “I don’t know” conversation we used to have each morning. Now they know that if we’re having toast, it’s just a matter of choosing which topping, or if it’s cereal, they can choose which cereal, or if it’s eggs, one or two.
  3. Make lunches the night before – with the help of the girls, we make their lunches the night before and put them in fridge. If I am REALLY organised, on a Sunday night I will make all the lunches for the week, using fillings that can be frozen, and pop them in the freezer, taking them out each night so they have enough time to thaw.
  4. Organise their uniforms – there is nothing worse than having to look for shoes or school hats in the morning. So we have started, with their help, hanging their school uniforms on their wardrobe doors, with their shoes on the floor and making sure that their school hats are in their school bags. Knowing where everything else makes it so much easier and when it’s time to get dressed for school, they have everything there in one place.
  5. Get your “tools” together – putting together the hair basket has made a huge difference in our mornings. We’re no longer rushing about trying to find hair brushes (which never seem to be put back in the bathroom) and elastics. I can line up the girls, get their hair done, grab their bags and head out the door.
These  might be simple little things but it usually IS the slightest changes that make all the difference to making things run a bit smoother. What do you do to make your mornings easier?

Source: www.mumsbusiness.com.au


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