I wish I’d known that…

I wish I’d known that…

We asked a few of our reachME mums what they wished they’d known in those first few weeks of giving birth.


Giving birth and having a newborn baby is one of life’s steepest learning curves. We asked a few of our reachME mums what they wished they’d known in those first few weeks.
“I wish I’d known in those first few days that breastfeeding gets much easier and that you can never ask the midwives too many questions! I also wish I’d known about hydrogel gel nipple pads before my nipples cracked!"
Fleur, 28
“I wish I’d realized earlier that babies are not born with an understanding of baby-book sleep and feeding routines. It makes me really sad to think of all the teary and sleepless nights we endured when trying to get the baby to follow a schedule that never worked. I threw the books away for baby number two and just went with my heart: I fed and soothed the baby when she woke and she slept so much better and so did we!”
Virginia, 38
“I wish I’d known about granulation! I endured pain ‘down there’ for months after the birth, thinking it was normal, before finding out that it was actually ‘granulation tissue’ which is something that’s very common in horses – they call it ‘proud flesh’! Basically, it’s a bit of scar tissue that doesn’t heal properly, they treat it with sulphur and if that doesn’t work they zap it with lasers!”
Jess, 40
“I wish I’d known earlier that my baby can get allergic reactions from my breast-milk. Turns out, after being miserable and scratchy from eczema, that my 6-month-old is allergic to eggs. Since I stopped eating them he’s back to being a lovely happy baby!”
Anna, 27
“I wish I’d known how much I would want to stay home with my baby before taking on such a huge mortgage! The thought of going back to work in an office with summer around the corner is such a bummer!”
Janis, 32
“I wish I’d known that I wouldn’t have time to write a novel when on maternity leave! Seriously, the list of things I thought I’d accomplish only to discover that I couldn’t even find the time to shave my legs – how clueless was I?”
Megan, 37



Shelley Els on 01 November 2012 15:54
i wish i had known how long it can take for your milk to come in and that around the third day is just crap, but it gets better. i was miserable on day 3 when my daughter wasnt getting enough milk and wouldnt stop crying. after having a c section my milk was taking a little longer to come in and after wonderful help from the midwives and horrible sessions on the breast pump a couple of days later i was all good and i havent had problems feeding my girl since.


Louise Dench on 03 November 2012 11:33
I wish I had known that it takes at least 6 weeks to get through all the hormonal changes and get used to everything. prior to 6 weeks you feel like its going to last forever. 6 weeks is like a golden milestone and turning point for so many things.


on 15 November 2012 18:05
Thanks for all your great comments - it's such a huge learning curve having a new baby and we put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect! Think we should put these comments in their own section so we can keeping adding to them... we need a separate section for toddlers and bigger kids as well!


Michelle Robertson on 01 November 2012 21:06
I wish I'd known about the 5 S's for settling - Shushing, Swaying, Swaddling, Shunting (or patting their bumb as I do), Sucking. Also that the lengths of feeds reduce over time. 1.5-2 hour feeds drove me nuts at the begining and now at 12 weeks I have it down to 20 mins at night. There is light at the end of the tunnel :)


Sophia Colley on 01 November 2012 15:11
It is good sharing. I like to read more. My EED is early Jan 2013


Louise Hickman on 01 November 2012 15:38
I wish i hadn't put the pressure on myself to breastfeed. I had the most awful experienced that endured for 5 months - every time feeling like razor blades. I relented and used formula, and you know what - it was all OK. We all slept better and I cried so much less!


Holly Blackley on 01 November 2012 15:15
I wish id known that you continue to get cramps after babys born. Worse the more children you have.


Shaz Flynn on 07 November 2012 12:27
I wish I had known that my prem baby would be too small to fit into a normal stroller, we knew we were having a prem so should have shopped around for some snap and go wheels for her car seat instead of wasting money on a stroller at the start!

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