Top 5 Things Mother-in-Laws Should Never Do

Top 5 Things Mother-in-Laws Should Never Do

By Vanessa Beddoe-Sandstro

My mother-in-law is one of the loveliest, kindest people I know, and I’m extremely lucky that she’s my husband’s mum. But that doesn’t stop her from driving me absolutely completely and utterly bonkers sometimes (as no doubt I drive others). I asked a few of my motherly type friends what the worst thing their mother-in-law’s have ever done to them and here is the top five, in no particular order. Names have been changed to protect inheritances…

1. Lift your boob when you’re breastfeeding
Yes, this did actually happen, to *ahem* a friend of mine. Twice. She was concerned that the baby couldn’t breathe properly and thought it best to act quickly by lifting the offending boob up and out of harm’s way.
2. Continually call you by your husband’s ex-wife’s name.
“She does this so much that it no longer feels appropriate to correct her. At first she would make an effort so I didn’t mind so much, now it’s just insulting.” - Caroline (or Nat, as her mother-in-law calls her)
3. Tell you your baby looks like ET
“My son was born 5 weeks’ prem, and like many babies, had big bottom lids on his eyes. My mother-in-law thought it was the most hilarious joke to comment on his similarity to ET; not what you want to hear as an emotional first time mum!” - Jen
4. Announce at your wedding that they don’t like you very much. 
“During the speeches, my mother-in-law decided to tell the crowd that she didn’t particularly like me – and not in a funny way either. It appears she’d got her nose out of joint because I’d asked my mum to look after our daughter during the wedding instead of her. Cue lots of embarrassed guests and the one thing most people remember from our big day!” - Angela
5. Regift a Christmas present you gave them the year before
“I couldn’t believe it when my sister-in-law unwrapped the hanging candle holder I’d brought her mother last Christmas. If you’re going to regift, at least make sure it’s not in front of the original buyer! – Stephanie


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