Wise words from mums of mums

Wise words from mums of mums

Nana Speak: What I wish I’d done differently…

We asked some mums of reachMe mums what they would have done differently if they had the chance to do it all again. Their responses are insightful, heartwarming and at times, heart wrenching.


What I would have done differently

What’s it like when your children are all grown up and you have the advantage of hindsight to consider how you’d do things differently? Here is a selection of the thoughtful responses we received from some of our reachMe grandmothers:

“I would certainly not have sweated the small stuff. When I think about all the time I wasted ironing handkerchiefs and sheets! Who even uses handkerchiefs anymore?”  Jenny

“I wish I’d known how capable I was at going it alone with the children, it would have saved me so much less worry and hassle if I had left my husband earlier.” Patricia

“I would have invented disinfectant wipes. They came out a little too late for me. As the mum of three boys, it would have my life so much easier!” Sheryl

"I would have spent more time being silly with my kids. That’s the times we all remember the most. I probably would have spent less time nagging them to practice piano and accepted that they just weren’t interested!” Sheila

“I would have considered my husband a bit more. It was all children, children, children, and by the time they grew up, there just wasn’t anything left for us.” Jo

“I would have gone a lot easier on myself. More takeaways, less cleaning. I wanted to be the perfect mother and felt guilty if I didn’t make everything from scratch.” Julie 

“I would have got help for my daughter’s anxiety earlier. I often wonder if I’d dealt with it differently instead of getting frustrated whether it would have made it much less of a problem for her.” Pam

“I would have appreciated just how much fun it was, instead of thinking about all the hard work. Those days were the happiest of my life.” Trish

“I would have written down all the cute things my kids said. Now I can never remember who said what, and just have to fib my way through it!” Bev

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