'Mono mono' twins born holding hands (VIDEO)

'Mono mono' twins born holding hands (VIDEO)

Mum gave birth to rare twins who were holding hands

 It happens in only one in 10,000 deliveries, but Jillian and Jenna were born by caesarean section last week – sharing the same amniotic sac and placenta.  Called monoamniotic or ‘mono mono’, they were at risk of the umbilical cord becoming entangled and potential death.

Firstborn Jenna was almost 2kgs, and sister Jillian was just under 1.5kgs.

Knowing that it was a high-risk pregnancy, mum Sarah Thistlewaite was in hospital on bed rest for two months prior to their birth. She allowed a camera crew a view into her life, even allowing them to film the delivery, which melted hearts when they were born holding hands. There was cause for much celebration on Mother’s Day when the twins were allowed to be held by their parents.


Watch the video of these special twins being born. 


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