Blogger refuses to put a shirt on

Blogger refuses to put a shirt on

Unrealistic body standards are not ok

With so much expectation on women to have a perfect body, one woman has challenged a magazine that refused to publish her photo.

Brooke Birmingham is a blogger who writes about her weight loss journey and has shed almost 80kgs on her website Brooke: Not on a Diet.  When Shape magazine got in touch to ask her to share her story, she was excited. 
The magazine asked for her to send in a photo that they could publish alongside her story.  She was happy to do so, proud of her journey and weight loss success. Looking at other images, she sent the magazine a picture of her in a bikini, like the others she saw. 
The magazine then got back to her, asking if she could please send in another photo, this time covered up.  This naturally upset Brooke, who suspected that they didn’t want to feature her excess skin on her stomach due to her massive weight loss.  There were emails sent back and forth, with Shape magazine claiming that it is their editorial policy.
Now she has shared her experience on her blog, including the email exchange on her blog in an attempt to show that many shapes and sizes are beautiful and that women don’t need to have unrealistic beauty standards.
Would seeing more pictures of real women like Brooke make you feel better about your own body?



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