10 things babies should know about their first year

10 things babies should know about their first year

There’s no question that plenty of moments from our baby’s first year need to be erased from our minds and their psyches (hello, when they rolled off the bed?)


By Maredith Carroll of babble.com

But that first year of life is mostly so precious, and definitely so fleeting, that it’s critical to ensure you remember to tell them later on what they should know — and never forget.

Here are 10 things all babies should know about their first year (when they’re old enough to understand, that is):

1. You were loved
You were hugged. You were snuggled. You were coddled. You were fed. You were nursed. You were played with. You were sang to. You were giggled with. You were showered with attention. You were indulged. You were spoiled with smooches. You were carried, strolled, crawled and rolled around with. You were held and held and held.
In short, you were loved to the fullest.

2. You weren’t (necessarily) the reason I went roughly 10 months without three consecutive hours of sleep
Granted it took you some time to establish a solid sleep pattern, but you starting sleeping through the night much earlier than I had dared hope.
But while you were actually sleeping, I was up thinking about you. Waiting for you to wake up. Wondering when you’d wake up. Missing you until you woke up. Worrying about you until you woke up.
I guess that means you were kind of the reason why I went so long without much sleep, but it wasn’t your fault. It was just because I love you that much.

3. That wasn't you who left the pee stain on the couch
OK, technically it was you, but it was my fault for letting you on the couch without a diaper just because you were just so cute butt-naked.
Don’t worry; I got your back then, and I still do now.

4. You were not a burden
You were or weren’t the reason I didn’t sleep well. You might or might not have left stains around the house, which we will never discuss again. I might not have had much time to myself in your first year.
But none of that was ever a burden. You were always my baby, you were always a blessing, and you still are.

5. You were remarkably patient with us — usually when you didn’t have to be
It probably wasn’t so easy to be a new baby in an already-established family. Your older sister needed — nay, demanded — an inordinate amount of my time before you were born, but especially after you were born. Yet you hardly ever complained. You sat around and waited, smiled and giggled. You were happy to be part of the gang, even if it just meant looking in on what was going on instead of necessarily being included.

6. You were wanted
We weren’t always sure that we were going to have you, but you were always part of the plan. We knew from the moment you were conceived that you were precisely what our hearts were missing. You are the piece that completed our puzzle. You are the jelly to our peanut butter. You are the light of our life.

7. You were welcomed
By everyone. Our family, your grandparents, cousins, siblings, aunts, uncles, friends, neighbors and total strangers. Everyone was tickled to meet you, not a single person was disappointed, and pretty much everyone agreed that you might possibly have been the most charming and chill little cherub there ever was.

8. You weren't perfect (even though you actually kind of were)
I’m going to tell you now that you weren’t a perfect baby because I don’t want you to get an inflated ego.
But between you and me — you were kind of a perfect baby. You hardly ever cried, and even when you did it was fleeting and sort of adorable. You ate pretty much everything you were fed (and politely puked up what you didn’t agree with, and I can’t say as I really blame you, as pureed green beans deserve a little vomit from time to time). You went with the flow, even when you would have rather been snoozing, chilling or otherwise occupied. You waved to anyone who passed by, smiled at anyone who needed it, and just generally were you, which I have come to recognize as a new definition of perfection.

9. It WAS magic how I was always there
Do you ever think back and have some dreamlike notion that whenever you needed me as a baby, I was always there? Because it wasn’t a dream. I was always there.
Nothing was more important to me than establishing your love and trust in those early days. Nothing was more important to me than you — period.
It was my job and my joy to hold you as often as I could, to kiss and cuddle you as if I were getting paid, and to do everything I could to ensure your needs and wants were met before you knew they were what you needed and wanted.

10. You will never be loved again like the moment you were born
The moment of your birth was extraordinary. My heart leapt, danced and sang with raw, sweet emotion as soon as I heard your cries and saw your darling face.
I wouldn’t have thought it was possible to love you even more than I did in that first snapshot in time, but I do. Every day. My love finds you wherever you are and grows like flowers in the sunshine — no matter what. No. Matter. What.
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Evet Natho on 13 September 2012 22:10
This is amazing , I am literally tearing. my one is almost one and I want to hug and hug and hug her just so time will not pass so quickly. truly amazing experience. I cant wait till i adopt and share this experience again but without number 10 :).

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