6 Things Grandparents Tend to Forget

 6 Things Grandparents Tend to Forget

By Vanessa Beddoe-Sandstrom

We love our grandparents and know what a special place they have in our kids’ lives. We also realize that it’s probably been a while since they’ve been used to looking after the young ones… 
6 Things Grandparents Tend to Forget
With the holiday season coming up, and many an in-law coming to stay, we’ve put together the 6 most common things grandparents forget, so you know you’re not the only one feeling like you have the most badly behaved children this Christmas.
1. Children are loud. Really loud. Especially when they are crying and screaming in unison. Loudness is normal, yes it’s frustrating, but it is normal and yours are no louder than others (although I suspect mine just might be).

2. Siblings will fight over just about anything. Yes, we have tried all sorts of diplomacy tactics short of bringing in the UN, but still they persist in fighting over who gets the cup with squares on it. Even if they fought over the cup with spots on it yesterday. Just like when we were kids.

3. Children will always act naughtier when people come to stay. Children love to test limits when there are guests in the house, so please understand that they are not always this loud/naughty/jumpy. Children do not like to do what they’re told - at least, not the first time. Having four people telling them off at the same time will make a child feel attacked and harassed, and that’s just an opening to more bad behaviour. This does not mean we are “not tough enough” on them!

4. Things are done a bit differently these days. We listen to our children more, punish less. It may or may not be as effective, but it does make for a happier home. We really are doing the best we can with the information and advice we are given. 
5. Add 30 minutes per child to get ready. There’s no such thing as getting out the door in a hurry, no matter how organized you are. Allow at least two return trips up the driveway for remembering water bottles and nappies.
6. The importance of taking children outside. It’s not presents or money that make kids love their grandparents. It’s going for walks in the garden, playing a game, telling them a story. The absolute best way you can help is to get them out from under our feet!


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