Cold Weather Alert DIY - how to make a draft snake in 3 easy steps

Cold Weather Alert DIY - how to make a draft snake in 3 easy steps

Keep your home warmer this winter.

There’s a cold snap forecast for the next few days, and since my old house is as draughty as a paddock I thought I’d fire up my neglected sewing machine and attempt to make some stylish (not really) and functional draught snakes.

For this you will need:

  • Rice (buy a big bag in bulk, I got 5kg for $6.99 at Pak ‘n Save)
  • Fabric and thread (I’m using an old sheet)
  • Old stockings (didn’t have any and couldn’t bear thought of cutting gusset out of second-hand ones from op shop, so purchased new)
  • A funnel (didn’t have one and now there’s rice everywhere)
  • Glass of wine (optional)


Step One – fill your tights with rice

Fill one leg with rice to desired length – check it against the door/window and make sure it’s at least 3-4cm longer than the length of the door. Cut and tie well. If you don’t care about it looking all fancy, et voila! There’s your draught snake.


Step Two – sew the fancy covering

Measure and cut fabric so it’s slightly longer than length of insert, remembering to allow for seams. Sew inside out along the length, then sew one end. As I go for speed against quality, I didn’t bother pinning the seams first.


Step Three – stuff your snake

Turn right side out and insert the inner rice-filled stocking. Top stitch or hand sew the remaining opening. If you’re making with/for kids, you may want to add some buttons for eyes and a bit of red felt for a tongue.


Place against the offending draught and feel smug!


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