Ideas for creating an indoor tent for kids

Ideas for creating an indoor tent for kids

Amazing ideas for creating an indoor space

 As the days start to cool and children spend more time indoors, creating a special indoor tent for your child will inspire their sense of fun and imagination. 

A place of secrets, reflection and pretend-play, creating an indoor tent can be as complex or simple as required.
Many children naturally build their own forts with a bunch of cushions, sheets or towels and some clothes pegs, but if you can buy or build more complex indoor tents.
Here are five indoor tents to be inspired by:
1. The clothes horse indoor tent
Use a clothes horse to make an indoor tent.

DIY indoor tent (you will need Google translate)
2. The DIY in two hours indoor tent.
Make your own indoor tent in two hours with instructions by this NZ blogger.
3. The tee-pee tent
Available from Mocka
4. The magical tent

Lights and lace create an ambience of magic.  Visit site.
5. The reading canopy
Made with a quilting hoop, hemp and silk to create a special space in the bedroom.


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