Magical Moments: Our most memorable toddler playtime experiences

Magical Moments: Our most memorable toddler playtime experiences

We asked some mums and dads of toddlers to tell us their most memorable playtime experiences. Here are the ones that made us laugh, cry and cringe with embarrassment.

  • "When my toddler first got the giggles! Every time our dog took a bite of water from the hose she howled with laughter like it was the funniest joke ever told. The entire family was laughing with her: brothers, sisters, mum, dad and grandparents and I've never felt such a sense of happiness and contentment." Kirsty

  • "Mine involves poo. Lots of it. My wife was away at a conference so I trotted our three kids down to the Mitre 10 playground so I could enjoy a coffee and read of the paper while they worked off some energy. I was about half way through my cup and feeling rather smug when I smelled something sinister… I looked up to see suspicious brown footprints all over the floor, steps and tunnel. My youngest had somehow pooed out the side of her nappy, while her siblings had trod in it and continued playing. I cannot explain how excruciating it was to advise the staff what had happened and clean up in front of fellow customers trying to enjoy their muffins." Pete

  • "I was a very panicky first time mum and desperate for my baby to start interacting. My most memorable playtime is when he first copied what I was doing - patting the animals in a book after I patted them. The sense of relief and pride I felt was completely over-the-top for what he actually did!" Vicky

  • "Mine involves rediscovering the joy of play. I have so many amazing memories that this is what sticks out the most: the fact that playing with your children allows you to return to your childhood again, to just sit and play with lego and trains and see it all through your child's eyes." Claire

  • "Seeing my 2-year-old boy playing dress-ups in a ball gown that he'd teamed with a captain's cropped jacket that fit him perfectly - every time I picked him up from daycare. He looked so hilarious, but was so earnest that any giggling had to be out of ear and eyeshot. It was his favorite dress-up outfit for a few weeks, and he couldn't have looked cuter or more ridiculous. I was a bit sad when he moved onto the pirates." James

  • "Playing with my kids on the beach this weekend and seeing dolphins surfing in the waves. We stood there spellbound for ages, the whole family snuggled up against the wind and just amazed at the natural beauty we were seeing. I will never forget the looks on my children's faces when seeing the most amazing show nature could put on." Jenny

What are your favourite playtime memories? We'd love you to share in the comments below.


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