Summer Baby and Toddler Essentials

Summer Baby and Toddler Essentials

Summer Baby and Toddler Essentials
It’s time to get outside and enjoy the sun – and with a baby or toddler in tow there are a few more essentials we need to have with us at all times. And because we’re always on the lookout at reachME for great products and ideas, please share your favourite tips in the comment section below.
reachME Summer Must-Haves

1. Hats. As many as you can afford. At least four, but preferably twenty. One kept in the car, one in the pram, one by the front door and one by the back. And if anyone has found a design which a baby or toddler can’t pull off within two seconds, we'd love to know where we can get our hands on one.

2. Lots of sunscreen. One for the nappy bag, one by the front door and one in the car (but out of the sun). Again, if anyone knows of a sunscreen that doesn’t leave gunky residue all over the car, contains only non-scary ingredients, doesn’t make the kids look like children from The Others and won't require a second-mortgage (in other words the Holy Grail of Sunscreen) please let us know in the comments.

3. Sunshade for the pram.
Not an umbrella that you have to fuss with endlessly depending on which direction you’re walking. A proper pram sunshade is great for keeping the bugs out too.

4. Baby carrier. Essential for the beach, we find the Ergobaby carrier the best as it folds up into nothing and is super comfortable for mum and bubs.

5. Boot beach bag
(this must be in the car at ALL TIMES!). Some of the best beach memories begin as a stop off to eat fish and chips on the way home from somewhere else, and because no toddler can set foot on a beach without getting a) soaked b) covered in sand/crud c) a stinky nappy, you must always have a boot beach bag in the car containing the following essentials:

  • Dry towels
  • Spare swimwear
  • Change of clothes
  • Bucket and spade
  • Easy-up beach shade
  • Spare nappy
  • Plastic bag
  • Loo roll/wipes
Have a great summer with your little ones!


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