Top 5: How to make the most of a rainy school holiday

Top 5: How to make the most of a rainy school holiday

1. Don’t forget to go outside
The Swedes say there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. Which is why you’ll find them happily playing outside in -12 degrees and up to their knees in snow. Invest in a pair waterproof overalls for the kids – these make playing in the rain a breeze, and mean no muddy wet clothes for you to have to deal with later.  Once the kids have burnt off some energy outside, then you can all enjoy being warm and cozy inside.

2. Don’t forget to play too
Whether it’s Snakes and Ladders around the table (the perfect rainy day board-game) or investigating puddles, don’t forget to drop what you’re doing and join in for a bit. The time you spend playing with the kids (don’t forget to hide your phone), is time you get back later when they’re happily engrossed in an activity and not having to play up for your attention. Of course, this is not 100% effective…
3. Let the kids loose in the kitchen
This can be as simple as putting out the sandwich ingredients on the dining table and letting them make their own. Skewers are also a great way to keep kids occupied (under your watchful eye!). Put a few bowls of chopped fruit on the table with marshmallows if you’re feeling generous, and get them to make fruit kebabs. Afternoon tea sorted!

4. Turn you house into an obstacle course
If you’re house isn’t a show home (and when you’ve got kids, whose is?) then turn it into an “Adventure Obstacle Course”. Get the kids to help you plan the route (over this couch, under this bed); draw a map, then let them go wild. This could become a daily challenge – don’t forget to make a crown for the Champion.

5. Plan your days in advance
If you’ve got an idea what you plan to do each day, then you can make sure you’ve always got all the stuff you need without having to get the kids into their car seats and around the supermarket and back before you even begin. Also effective if you’ve planned a couple of outings, because then you can use them as bribes for good behavior (yes, you’re not meant to, but seriously, who doesn’t?), or even make a star chart together with the reward being a trip to the movies on the last day of the holidays.


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