5 Ways You Should NOT Announce a Pregnancy

5 Ways You Should NOT Announce a Pregnancy

Devan McGuinness lists down the no-no's when it comes to that big announcement.

I am starting to get a bit discouraged about this whole getting pregnant thing. Well, more specifically staying pregnant — which is our struggle. I am trying not to dwell too much on the cycle after cycle of not the best news so I have been focusing my energy on the more positive things including how we will announce the pregnancy of our last child when that happens.

There are some totally cute ways and it’s even more fun now that there is the whole social media aspect. When I was pregnant with my other children social media wasn’t a huge part of my life, but now with all these ideas all over the internet on fun ways to announce, it has me excited.
With all the ideas and choices also comes with it some of the tackiest and cheesiest ideas too. I totally get that there is this whole ‘to each their own’ thing when it comes to this stuff, but some of the announcements out there are just tacky!

Here are the 5 ways you should never announce you’re pregnant:

1. During Someone Else's Big Event
People get all kinds of excited about pregnancy announcements, especially so if it's been highly anticipated. You should never announce your pregnancy during someone else's big day, like a wedding. It's rude and tacky to take the spotlight off the person being celebrated.

2. On Facebook
So, you tell all your close friends and family and then it's time to share it with the (social media) world. It's cute and acceptable to make a photo or a status. What you don't do is create a whole new profile for your not-yet-born baby and send out friend requests. It's totally tacky and weird!

3. Written Everywhere
Who wants to hear that you're pregnant from your underwear? I am hoping that this product was developed only to tell your partner, but who knows. If someone wants to share their news this way, I wouldn't put it past them to show everyone.

4. In A Public Cheesy Video
Yes, this is kind of cute & you can see how excited they are, but it's pretty tacky. It feels like they were trying to be the next Rebecca Black made famous by something mega cheesy.

5. Sending Out Cards
There are cards for everything, do we really need them for letting people know you've got a baby on the way? Save postage for the baby shower invites, the (cheesy) gender reveal invites and the baby announcement cards.

What do you think of Devan's list? Do you have something to add? Share us your thoughts below.

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Lana Julius on 02 July 2012 16:48
Creating profiles for to-be-born or just born babies weirds me out!


Judy Hartstone on 02 July 2012 16:38
I didnt have to tell anyone, I was so sick that everyone guessed straight away!


Melissa Anderson on 02 July 2012 16:34
That video is cheesy, and would never create a Facebook profile, though I did post to let other friends know after personally telling family and close friends


Jessica Greenland on 02 July 2012 16:14
I agree with everything in the article especially the creating a Facebook account for your unborn baby and adding all your friends! Crazy.


Rochelle Keehan on 02 July 2012 16:14
we did the facebook thing too, but thats it! all the other stuff is over the top in my opinion, but each to there own


Hayley Murphy on 02 July 2012 16:11
Too Funny :-)


Conor Clerkin on 02 July 2012 16:03
I would just start subtelyincreasing my punnng on the baby subject, and let people come to their own concusions!


Nuzhat Sohail on 02 July 2012 15:54
We only told our inlaws and told them not to tell anyone tll it starts showing! ;)


Avismary Te Weri on 02 July 2012 15:54
After telling close family members and waiting past the 12week period, I did the whole announcement on facebook as I knew it would reach across to all extended family and friends..


Catherine Graham on 02 July 2012 15:46
Haha i cant say ive ever announced it this way! Altho.. all i hhve to do it tell my mum and suddenly the whole town knows :s


Jessica Richardson on 02 July 2012 15:44
ive had someone anounce at my enament party and as much i was really happy they were havin a baby it took the buzz away from the fact i was ettin married


Aleisha Franklin on 02 July 2012 15:44
I did the facebook thing after I told family & close friends - but everything else seems a bit crazy!!


Heather Dillon on 02 July 2012 15:44
I posted the scan pic to Facebook with our little man - wouldn't have even crossed my mind to create a whole facebook profile


Caroline Childs on 02 July 2012 15:44
I can tell you another way, Emailing a Scan photo to your mother in law she didn't talk to us for 3 weeks!( it was normally a call every few days)!! lol oops she loves her little grandson beyond words now though.


Kristy Williamson on 02 July 2012 15:42
I did the facebook thing long after I had told close friends and family. The creating a new facebook profile and inviting friends is quite creepy in my mind!


Jennifer Bourne on 02 July 2012 15:38
Ha that's great - can't believe people would actually share their news in any of those ways, although I do have a friend that has profiles for all her kids which were created when they were first born, I bet if she had known what sex the latest one was she might have made a profile before she had it...


Julie Mcdonald on 02 July 2012 15:37
haha can honestly say I only did the post on facebook, nothing else here! funny!


Annette Hynes on 03 July 2012 20:30
During someone else's big event is totally unfair. We also did the Facebook announcement after we had told our close family and friends - was a great way to tell friends we dont see very often


Tina Kalolo on 03 July 2012 14:09
We told Family and close Friends first and also work and then put a Scan Pic on Facebook which I think is okay but opening an account for an unborn Baby is really just weird.


Leanne Nathan on 03 July 2012 09:36
no faster way to spread the word than Facebook, but only after nearest and dearest were told :)


Casey Williamson on 03 July 2012 08:27
I didnt put anything on Facebook until my son was born - that gave lots of people a shock! This time aroud I felt really bad that we announce to family during the same week as my sister in-law. We hadnt heard their news, if we had, would have waited another week or so!


Wendy Owles on 02 July 2012 22:58
Would do the a picture of a 12 week scan and use that to announce on Facebook to friends but not before I had told all my family and closest friends first.


Jo Cain on 02 July 2012 22:07
Ha Oh dear! I can't believe I just watched that video all the way through! Yeah have to agree on not creating a profile for your unborn child. That"s just weird!


Shereen Haylock on 02 July 2012 21:42
It seems many have chosen to tell those close first then announce on facebook. It sure is handy to get it across all connections far and wide. I did the same although found it so blooming hard to shutup until after week twelve, I kept telling more and more people through chat to satify my need to spread the exciting news. :)))) I love it that I'm showing now! Congrats to all you expectant Mums out there!


Rebekah Biddiss on 02 July 2012 17:34
Everybody knew i was pregnant becoz i couldnt hide my morningsickness, when ended up beening hyperemesis. I told close famly and friends then let every1 knw on facebook after our 12 wks scan :) Im very blessed to hve my baby xx


on 02 July 2012 17:19
i told close friends and family then posted on Facebook that i was having a little girl so waited awhile


Kristina Hillock on 02 July 2012 17:17
We did the FB thing after we had told family and friends.


Kaleena Friend on 02 July 2012 16:56
I took a photo of my son with a sign saying "im gonna be a big brother" and put it on facebook. Thought it was a cute idea :) xx


Isadora Blake on 17 October 2012 18:35
We deactivated our FB profiles because how many of our friends actually phone or email these days? Majority already have your news from FB lookups, kinda takes it away when you don't hear it directly from a person. Told close family and friends, and very excited for the birth, no photos are going to FB though.


Chloe Jones on 30 March 2015 11:02
I put my girl in a "big sister" tshirt when I told my little brother and sister, they didn't click for a while tho haha

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