Hypnobirthing – the calmer birthing method

Hypnobirthing – the calmer birthing method

After hearing some really positive stories from mums who used hypnobirthing during their pregnancies and beyond, we take a look at what it’s all about.

1. What is hypnobirthing?
Hypnobirthing is a childbirth method that prepares both you and your partner for a gentle labour. During classes, you learn techniques to help you to achieve deep relaxation, visualization and self-hypnosis to encourage a calm, peaceful and more natural birth experience.

2. How is hypnobirthing different to other methods?
Instead of trying to cope and manage the pain of labour reactively, hypnobirthing teaches you to change the perception that labour has to be long and painful and instead  it aims to provides techniques that allow you to release pain-causing fear and create feel-good endorphins instead. With deep abdominal breathing and total relaxation, you are more able to work in harmony with your body and baby leading to a shorter and more comfortable labour.

3. Does hypnobirthing mean I’ll have a pain-free birth?
Not entirely! But mums who’ve used this technique say that by being able to work their bodies through the sensations of childbirth, they’ve avoided the excruciating pain that can accompany the birthing experience and had a much more positive and relaxed labour as a result.

4. Could self-hypnosis make me forget the birth experience?
Don’t worry - you won’t be doing the chicken-dance if someone claps. Some mothers mention that they’ve experienced some time distortion and not been as aware of other people and their environment because they’ve so focussed on their birthing and baby.

5. Can hypnobirthing still work if I want to have an epidural or need a c-section?
Relaxation and visualisation skills can help any labour and birthing experiences, allowing you to remain calmer and more in control, whether you are able to labour naturally or require more intervention.

6. Can my partner benefit from learning hypnobirthing techniques?
The birthing partner is an integral part of the hypnobirthing experience and is responsible for guiding the labouring mother through hypnosis prompts and relaxation techniques. By using the techniques themselves, the birthing partner is able to be calmer and far more useful than one who goes into a panic  or faints at the first sign of a contraction.

7. Where can I go for hypnobirthing classes?
Your midwife should be able to direct you to hypnobirthing classes in your area.



Natasha Kozik on 30 May 2013 11:21
I wish I was more informed I would choosen this


Marama Rautahi on 27 October 2013 13:32
sounds good might do a little reasearch into this as im close to giving birth :)

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