Natural Gender Swaying

Natural Gender Swaying

By Stef Daniel

So, you want a girl? Or do you already have a houseful of girls and now, on your last attempt at having children, you would like to do anything possible to hopefully increase your chances of having a son? Trying to conceive by gender is referred to as swaying. Like most things concerning pregnancy, there are tons of rumours and old wives tales lingering among mom-talk. Some seem ridiculous, but you are tempted to try them anyways. You may even wonder if lying on your back with your feet up in the air for 15 minutes after having rear entry sex can really be the sure fire way to produce a boy. And even though it sounds, well silly – you try it anyways. Just curious, how did that work for you?

The truth about swaying is that there is a science to it, a very complicated science at that. There have been many books written that completely dissect the functions of ovulation and conception (as well as pre-pregnancy) in order to effectively try for and have either a boy or a girl. The big question on your mind is, “Does it work?” That too is sketchy ground. There are plenty of studies and research that indicates it does, and plenty more that says it doesn’t. The truth is that even the authors of those swaying books warn you as a preface that there are no guarantees, even if you follow every helpful hint and bit of advice offered. On the other hand, the worst thing that can happen is that you end up with a boy when you wanted a girl or a girl when you wanted a boy. As long as the baby is healthy and happy, you can count your blessings; and chances are you will fall in love either way. 
There are many factors involved in swaying. The one seen as the most important is diet. There have been many diets developed for women trying to gender sway that you can look into. When you choose one for you (IG Diet, French Diet, Trivers Willard Hypothesis, etc) make sure that you follow it. The diet part of swaying is meant to help you alter, adjust, and maintain certain levels of your pH, minerals, and hormones, as different levels are needed for the conception of either a boy or a girl. Most of the swaying diets will have you take supplements that will help to keep your levels in certain zones more favourable to one sex or the other. 
You will also be required to take the pH of your cervical mucus and your partner’s sperm, which are rather scientific procedures that can definitely take the romance out of having sex. As a female, you will have to keep tabs on your cervical mucus and actually gather it in your fingers so you can decide whether it is tacky, creamy, stringy etc. Some trials of swaying will also have you taste or smell the cervical mucus; saying that acidic mucus will produce girls while alkaline will produce boys. From there, changing your diets and partaking in things like douching (not regular douching) will help to prep the uterine environment to make it optimal for swaying. 
Exposing yourself to either positive or negative ions is also said to help swaying. If you want a boy then you should expose yourself to as many positive ions as possible. This will help to change the polarity in the vagina and hopefully attract and increase the male sperm to the egg. The opposite is true for female. It is also important to understand the cervix and the entire process of ovulation, both through self-testing and study in order to increase your chances of gender swaying. Timing is yet another sway factor. 
In all United States births, the odds of having a boy or a girl are 51% to 49%, respectively. So your chances, without swaying, are pretty much half-and-half. Sure, it seems to run in families. In fact, statistics show that most families with more than one child are 25% or more likely to continue to have the same sex. Some of the theories that seem to coincide with gender swaying are that the conditions of the internal body barometers, which make having either a boy or a girl likely - don’t change in these couples – so accordingly, they will continue to have the same sex.
In the end, gender swaying is still a grey area. In families who have tried the methods and it worked – they believe it does. Others believe that it doesn’t work from experience. But before you put all your eggs in one basket and work hard to sway for a specific gender, you have to realize on some level that you will have what you are meant to have. If you have your heart set on a little boy or little girl and you end up with the opposite, you have higher chances of post partum depression and may have problems bonding. There are also some deep-seated emotional issues that can arise from relying on gender swaying and finding that it didn’t work. While interesting, based on science, and completely possible – gender swaying is never a guarantee.


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