How to sweeten second trimester moods - good advice for the dads!

How to sweeten second trimester moods - good advice for the dads!

As you pass the 13th week milestone it's time to breathe a quick sigh of relief, wave goodbye to vomit and welcome acid reflux in all its uncomfortable glory. By now your hCG hormones have leveled off (hopefully your mood swings will follow suit), while your progesterone and estrogen levels are continuing to rise slowly. 

Now is an important time to train your partner in the important skill of how not to enrage you during the rest of the pregnancy. Communication is key, and if you'd rather take a nap, just print out the following and leave on the fridge.

5 Ways to Sweeten My Mood

  1. Understand that not all pregnant women are sex-crazed. Despite what the TV says, while many women do want extra loving during this time, many DO NOT (or for some time after, for that matter).
  2. While my lips may be moving, it's actually the hormones talking. Do not take my emotional outbursts personally or bring up at a later stage (however, several years from now when reminiscing is permissable). Yes, I am being unbelievably frustrating and I am deliberately trying to provoke you. The only acceptable way for you to respond is with tenderness (but not clinginess or neediness) and understanding (although you will NEVER  understand what it is like to grow a creature internally). No, I will not always thank you or apologize when I realize what an evil bag I've been.
  3. Always have an emergency chocolate supply. And healthy treat supply in case I'm feeling bad about how much chocolate I'm consuming. Understand that it is actually possible to regulate my moods by cleverly manipulating with chocolate. When my blood sugar flags my mood goes along with it, so if you notice me droop please bring me something nice to eat. Don't worry, I will tell you if it's not right. Also, without in any way suggesting that I'm lazy/putting on too much weight etc, take me out for a wander somewhere (preferably to look at nice things, buy nice things or eat nice things); gentle exercise is great for releasing happy endorphins.
  4. Now is the time to start doing stuff without being asked. It may be as basic as folding the washing that's been spilling out of the basket for the past week, or, if you're feeling flush, I will never say no to a massage or pedicure. The trick is not to wait to be asked.
  5. Never underestimate the importance of number 3. It will save you having to go to the service station at midnight. For you will have to go otherwise.


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