Message from Angie: It's the littlest things in life that are the biggest!

Message from Angie: It's the littlest things in life that are the biggest!

Hi Mums!

It's our little things that make being a mum the biggest thing!

The love of a child is surely the most priceless gift we will ever receive and is like winning life's lottery.

Since Rufus was born all those years ago, I’ve never felt so loved. Sure, each year has brought new challenges and worries, while others have faded away (I can’t even remember how old he was when he was out of nappies – it seemed like such a big deal at the time!).

Reflecting back on how fast he is growing makes me realise how important it is to stop, treasure and drink in these moments and to take snap shots in our minds to keep forever.

Special moments come in all shapes and sizes, like when he asks me if I can still walk with him into school and holds my hand and squeezes it, or when I'm driving and he declares his love for me and tells me I'm the most beautiful and intelligent mum ever (yep he's a charmer). I still get tingles from each precious gem he shares and each joke he cracks like it's the funniest joke ever told. 

So here’s to celebrating motherhood, with all its mess, stress and love. And because we feel like our reachME mums deserve to be pampered this Mother’s Day, we’ve put together a very special competition.

Simply nominate a mum who you think has been doing an amazing job, tell us why they deserve to be nominated and one lucky winner will receive a $500 Ecostore Body Care Pack and ten runner ups will receive a $50 Ecostore Pamper pack. Check out our Facebook page for more details.

Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at reachME!



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