Mother's Day Musings: When your children grow up

Mother's Day Musings: When your children grow up

Being a mum is a huge responsibility: one that pushes you to the brink one minute then make you burst with love and pride the next.

For all the cuddles, hard work, sweat and tears, we also have to develop a firm resolve as our children grow up and start blaming us for, well in some instances, just about everything.

When your children grow up would you like them to have the same relationship with you that you have with your mother?

I was recently talking about fraught mother/daughter relationships with a very wise friend of mine, and something she said really made sense to me:
“During your late teens and twenties you tend to be angry at your mum for not being like the ones on TV and blaming them for just about everything. As you approach your late twenties you think you can still change your mum before you finally accept them for the person they are, the experiences they had and, once you’ve had children yourself, the love and sacrifices they made while bringing you up the best they could.”

I have had a fairly rocky relationship at times with my mum - we both know how to push each other’s buttons. But when I look at my daughter, it makes me so sad to think of all the needless horrible things I’ve said to my mum in anger, and the thought that my daughter might say these things to me some day makes my eyes well up.

Usually I’m not one for making a big deal out of Mother’s Day – my mum lives overseas – but this year I’m lucky enough to be able to spend May 12th with her, and I want to plan an extra special day for us to always remember, so that she knows that despite our differences over the years, I appreciate all the amazing things she did for me, and all the love she’s wrapped me in since I can remember.

A very special Mother’s Day to all our reachME mums,




Kirsty Brown on 15 May 2013 22:01
I'm 19 years old and i dont know what i'd do without my mum, shes the rock that holds our family together, sure we've had our ups and downs, but i learnt at a very early age to appreciate the things your parents do for you, no matter how much you stuff up they will always be there for you.

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