Reach Me Bloggers: Introducing… Steph

Reach Me Bloggers: Introducing… Steph

Well who's this gal?

My name is Steph and I'm a craftaholic. No don’t run yet, I promise it's not embroidered with kittens and bows. Last year I created my craft baby Matakana Indie Markets, an ethical and edgy craft market which now operates weekly. I trained as a Naturopath once, almost, I deviated my major at the last hurdle and took up an apprenticeship as Mother to Lily. Lily was not planned in the conventional sense shall we say. I was a few months into a study break in Canada with a certain romance when Lily eventuated. The rest, as they say, was history. 

I booked two tickets back to Auckland and smuggled the third on board for a very green ride home. With our heads in the clouds of baby bliss we aspired for fresher pastures so packed up once more and headed for the hills, queue the banjos… 
We hit Matakana, a mere 50 minutes from Auckland and found home. Four years later, after some trial and error wee Freddy was born! But low and behold, also that year, as I was due with Freddy, another little boy entered our lives and won our hearts and we began the journey of adoption. Two years flew buy littered with paper work, passport photos and red tape and we were finally given the ok to collect our big baby from the other side of the world. 
Three months down the track, as Mum to Raine 10, Lily 6 and Freddy 2, I write a blog - hoping to share a pretty unique story. A story with the raw truth of adoption and parenting and all that falls in between. 
Bye for now,


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