Steph's Blog: Forgetting the car keys and remembering what's important

Steph's Blog: Forgetting the car keys and remembering what's important

After the initial frantic search and one manic phone call it would appear my car keys were in a pocket over an hour's drive away.

So I set about calling around to get our two big kids collected from school, cancelled meetings and gave Playcentre my apologies, then stoked up the fire and let one thankful dog in out of the cold. Once the initial onslaught of murderous thoughts and bad words subsided I decided that perhaps I could roll with this sudden intervention.

I have recently taken on a new project that has become quite all consuming and I have a horrible habit of investing my everything into projects at the expense of the necessities.

I suspect the key-napper had motive!

My toddler and I waded our way through discarded play things to the washing mountain towers that had been patiently waiting to be delivered to empty drawers. We dueled it out with vacuum vs. mop; I'm not certain the end product would be desirable to most people's standards, but the cleaning tools were as happy to be used as I was to wield them.

After we turned the washing machine, drier and dishwasher on, we opened an empty fridge and pantry to question the daily menu. Apparently I had overlooked this job too. Amidst the tumbleweed and cobwebs we dusted off some tinned tomatoes and set them to reduce with some onions and garlic, we later topped this with some spinach and herbs from the garden.

And because a quick trip to the shops was out of the question, we rolled up our sleeves and created our own dough (flour, egg, oil, salt and water): we kneaded and rolled, we flattened and fed it through the pasta machine. Viola! Dinner complete!

With a full belly, I sat by the fire sipping a tea and decided that a day trapped at home was ok. I can only hope there was a moral to this story, one about slowing down or doing the necessities first before pinning cute Country Fair images on Pinterest but only time will tell. Meanwhile...

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