Steph's Blog: From Paleontologist to Matakana Indie Market

Steph's Blog: From Paleontologist to Matakana Indie Market

As I entered this bountiful land of motherhood at a young age I found that I came out of the "baby years" with no real credentials or experience worthy of documenting on paper. As Mum and Dad to our 3 wild creations we consciously dedicated the first 5 years to each child, with them only ever being with a parent or close family member.

As a child I aspired to be an acrobat, an astronomer, a mechanic and a paleontologist. I'm now hurtling towards the big 30, and I am still fiercely indecisive about what I'll be when I grow up. I've thankfully narrowed it down to everything that does not require an office. As a Playcentre Mum, I landed myself in a PR and fundraising position and decided to try my hand at organising a wee community event in the purpose of fundraising: thus the Matakana Christmas Market was born. With contacts established and a great response from the community I decided to bite the bullet and request I run the regular Matakana Indie Markets.

It was a yes.

The market is my home, it's my heart on a plate. My little market is everything I've always loved rolled into one. It's expressionism and activism. We only support NZ made, everything must be produced in an ethical manner, we offer free stalls to any political or activist teams fighting the good fight, the food is clean and divine, the stalls and crafts are high quality and often featured in high fashion blogs and magazines.

Although the market has hit the ground running I often find myself tip toeing around the edges. Slightly terrified that I am not worthy. I fumble my way through photoshop creating logos and fliers. I sew flags, I choose the best stalls and delicately decline the rest, organise waste management, signwrite road signs, write ads for various papers and sites, update our Facebook page, liaise with marketing teams and problem solve.

I'm not qualified. I have had no experience in event management. I am a mere mother in a world of professionals. I had a vision and a passion. I formulated a simple plan and I bravely pressed 'send' after hovering over the email for years.  I've never regretted it.
As mothers and parents we lose confidence in ourselves. It wasn't an easy choice to selflessly dedicate our lives to our small people. It was not a decision that flowed with ease at times but we did it. We woke up at 5am problem solving. We micro managed. We gained strength and a resilience we didn't know we had and tapped into a work ethic like no other, heck knows We've pulled all nighters for the cause!

We are doers and fighters. Remember these strengths and get back out there with heads held high. We might have been out of the game but were back now, and were going to kill it!


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