Steph's Blog: Memories are made at home

Steph's Blog: Memories are made at home

As friends and family escape to warmer shores for their winter getaway the rumble of envy echoes around our home. I hear mothers talking about how they want their children to experience the world, taste new cultures. I silently wonder how much culture they experience from their five star resort.

As a child I holidayed in Fiji and we visited family in Australia on occasion. We were cultured with experiences of musicals and ballets and I dabbled in various instruments and sports. 

But if I stop to reflect on the moments that have been painted by nostalgic memories they are none of these. When I think fondly of my childhood I think of lazy summer days with relaxed parents at our favourite beach, sunblock over sandy backs. I think of proudly helping my dad put a nail in the gib board of our soon-to-be family home and how afterwards he told people about it. I think of watching the sunrise with my family on New Year's Day, my eyes stung with sleepiness but it was magic. Friday family movie nights and snuggling up with mum as Bastion read about Atreyu's horse sinking.

The best memories were the simple ones. We were consciously together and nothing else mattered.

It got me thinking, We are the memory makers. As parents, it's up to us to create these magic moments of emotions locked in time. Mattresses dragged into the lounge. Baking with Dad. Fishing off the wharf. Sleepovers in blanket forts. Fairy garden planting with Mum. Marshmallows toasted on the fire from the safety of mums knee. Polishing the silver with Nona. Pancakes for dinner. Lego afternoons.

Trips to Disneyland are amazing, but there is the same whimsical magic in our backyards. Open up the doors and let some silly in.



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