Steph's Blog: The importance of intuition

Steph's Blog: The importance of intuition

By Stephanie

As I flick through questions asked on multiple parenting groups and pages over the Internet I genuinely worry.

I too have a question. Is the term 'common sense' still relevant? Was the term coined in a generation where sensibility was common indeed?

I fell pregnant (a ridiculous term isn't it? Reminiscent of tripping over, only as you wipe your knees off you discover you have indeed grazed hands and a small person in your uterus)  with my first at 21. I took this grave news somewhat seriously. I'm not particularly a nose-in-book kind of gal but this was entirely uncharted territory and I only had 8 months to get clued up. My analytical and Naturopathic brain had to understand not only the mechanics of growing this child but also the possible risks of all other factors we faced in this newly scary world. Pregnancy diets, birth, the cascade of injections for a perfect new baby, sleeping arrangements, baby's diet, medicines for common childhood illnesses, education… The list went on. This was possibly the most influential career I would have. I endeavoured to go into it with the best education I could self acquire.

I took out books, I read both sides of the debate, I sought information from parents I trusted but mostly I went on my intuition.

Education, intuition and the confidence to stand up for your decisions, I find these to be the most admirable quality in a parent.

When your child is running a fever, or has a rash I would suggest you closely monitor them, pop down your phones and your desire to share this information with the general public who will willingly share with you their horror stories or insist you drug them to the gills to prevent nature taking its miraculous course of immune response. Watch your babies, you will know when help is necessary, until then a tepid cloth, water and mummy is all that's needed.

When you are sipping that red bull whilst breast feeding, instead of asking the mummy forum for approval simply flip that can around and google those ingredients.

When your partner is home late for the sixth consecutive night you could 'vent incoming' or you could take a deep breath. You will undoubtably be told about how Mary-Sue sent her man packing for the same thing and life has been great ever since. Or you could look within, take responsibility for what ever part you play in the disfunction and formulate a plan. When he arrives home explain how you feel and where you want to be as a couple and family.

It indeed takes a village to raise your child. Chose your village carefully.

But most importantly choose to trust your ability to know what's best. A thermometer is second only to a parents knowing touch and a watchful eye.



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