Steph's Blog: The realities of ADHD

Steph's Blog: The realities of ADHD

With a background in Naturopathic training coupled with my parenting experience I had developed the opinion that ADHD was largely a lack on the parents behalf. An over-diagnosed phenomenon in an intolerable society. I myself had been questioned by strangers whether my 2 year old had ADHD. It was a remark I discredited without much thought. I was not a believer.

Six months ago our adopted 10-year son entered our life and it's safe to say, I believe!

ADHD is humming Christmas carols at high speed at 6am whilst levitating.

ADHD might be a diagnosis in our house, but it's not an excuse. Although I understand the mechanics and live with the reality of the disorder, I feel it's not as simple as its Ritalin bandaid would lead us to believe. The wide-eyed, hyper little boy that couldn't hold a conversation or maintain eye contact that arrived six months ago is a far cry from the young man we see today. Many of the behaviours we were told would make the likes of team sports, playing unsupervised and entering the regular school curriculum impossible, seem to have slowly dissolved. He has defied these limitations and excelled. We spend weekends unmedicated and have reduced our weekday doses by 1/3, in just 6 short months. 
It's impossible to pinpoint what has aided his growth. Perhaps he is naturally maturing. Perhaps it's our lack of acceptance for the behaviours. It could be the safety in this being his forever home, relieving long felt anxieties. Or maybe we can credit the herbs and supplementary support. I personally feel it's a combination of the above, with an ironclad will of a brave boy seeking change. 

Every morning he swallows his allopathic subscription along with:

  • CMD drops, these are beautiful products. A readily absorbable mineral supplement to calm nerves and feed the void often left when continuously consuming medication. It also helps combat his sleep problems and over active mind

  • Fish oils - to feed and support his brain function and reduce inflammation

  • Nzogenol- a high potency antioxidant derived from pine bark. This stuff came highly recommended and so far we love it! It balances ADHD behaviours and works in well with his existing meds.

We have also adopted a mostly sugar free and at times gluten free diet, based largely on whole foods, and we don't touch coloured or flavoured foods. Smokey the bear says: "Only you can prevent forest fires" and in this house red food colouring paints FIRE! 

We support particularly stressful situations with Malcolm Harker Calmunurse and plenty of talk and reassurance. By all means we struggle daily but it's great to stand back and recognise the small steady changes. It's not fun or easy but we are getting there.

With happiness as our final destination we plod on through the thick.




Rebecca Heanaghan on 12 May 2013 10:12
hang in there it sounds like you are working really hard to help him and its showing.


Rebecca Heanaghan on 12 May 2013 10:12
hang in there it sounds like you are working really hard to help him and its showing.


Sally Mangai on 07 May 2013 18:09
How interesting... thanks for sharing. I've worked in the US with at-risk children, literally 50% of the kids we worked with were on ADHD meds. I think the phenomenon of overprescribing probably does exist there, but as you state, there is no doubting the reality of the disorder when it is properly diagnosed.

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