Prenatal and Infant Loss Workshops

Prenatal and Infant Loss Workshops

A common fear for birth professionals is the death of a baby. How will I cope? How can I support the parents? What will I say? What resources are available?

A new training company specialises in workshops for midwives, neonatal nurses, obstetricians, counsellors, social workers – anyone who comes in to contact with bereaved parents, families and whānau following the loss of a baby or infant. Vicki Culling Associates provides specialist training in all aspects of perinatal and infant loss.

Vicki Culling, the principal trainer, has been involved in the area of baby loss for over ten years and is herself a bereaved parent. This is what makes her workshops unique – she brings her experience and the experiences of other bereaved parents to her training. She also draws from her social work and teaching background.
Workshops provided by Vicki Culling Associates include topics such as grief, expectations of pregnancy, making a decision following an unexpected diagnosis, different types of baby loss, practicalities of caring for a bereaved family and a deceased baby, and self care. Vicki draws on current research, topical issues and feedback from bereved parents and families from throughout the country in order to provide comprehensive workshop experiences.
You can organise a workshop in your local hospital or birth unit, or talk to Vicki about having a workshop in your local community. There are different ‘packages’ available – a DHB or maternity unit can contract us in at an hourly rate and offset the costs by charging participants a nominal fee for attendance, you can organise a venue and book a training workshop at a reduced price or simply watch the website for details of a workshop in your area.
Information on the workshops and training is available on the website – You are also very welcome to call Vicki and talk about your particular needs; she is committed to making to a difference to the care provided to bereaved parents, families and whanau and wants to work with you so you feel confident in the care you provide, knowledgeable about resources available and assured that you can make a significant difference to a family’s experience of baby loss. 
Vicki Culling Associates
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