Constructive Eating


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Feed kids creatively!

Designed with function and play value in mind. Textured, easy grip handles and detailing allow little hands to hold on tight. Even the youngest child will animate these construction machines with their true to life colour, scale and shaping. Use them for every meal - each is rugged, light weight, and dishwasher safe. They are great when going out to eat, trying to extend productive eating time at the table, encouraging those not-so-favorite foods, or just for fun! The construction plate is designed for the utensils.

As an alternative, the garden fairy utensil set, with matching plate. The clamshell package contains a gasrden hoe pusher, garden rake fork, and garden shovel spoon. All specifications the same as for the construction set.

Dimensions of the fork and the spoon are 14.5cm long 2.5cm wide. The pusher is 11cm and 2.5cm wide.


Includes 3 utensils: Fork, Spoon & Dozer/Pusher
The Dozer makes it easy to gather food and load it onto the Fork or Spoon
Each utensil is textured and contoured for easy grip by small hands
Dishwasher Safe
Bisphenol A (BPA) FREE, PVC FREE, Phthalate FREE, Lead Free & FDA Approved
No paints are used in this product
Made in USA