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Express and store in one easy step

Philips Avent Isis Breast Pump with VIA Storage System

Avent makes it easier for you to continue breastfeeding for as long as
possible. The ISIS VIA Breast Pump Kit is ideal for on-the-go breastfeeding mothers who want more convenience when it comes to expressing and storing milk. VIA Breast Milk Storage Containers are safe to pack, store and re-heat, and are sterile-packed for immediate use. VIA containers are writable, stackable and have twist-on lids to ensure safe, leak-proof handling of breast milk.

When to Use: Begin with ISIS VIA Breast Pump Kit to express, store and feed breast milk with disposable convenience.

This kit features the clinically proven effective ISIS™ Breast Pump about how ISIS works to stimulate a fast, gentle milk flow, with the same natural let-down as breastfeeding.

Use the adaptor included in this kit to attach the ISIS Breast Pump to the VIA container, so you express milk directly into the same containers also used for storing and feeding, without ever transferring breast milk. This time-saving convenience is especially important to preserve valuable nutrients that can be lost each time breast milk is transferred.


Adaptors and lids should be kept to use with VIA Breast Milk Storage
Containers. The recyclable VIA containers are affordable enough to throw away, or can be re-sterilized for use up to three times.

The ISIS VIA Breast Pump Kit includes:

•1 x Manual Breast Pump Body (complete)

•1 x VIA Adaptor

•2 x VIA Lids

•2 x pre-sterilised 240ml Via Cups

•2 x Breast Pump Cover/Stands

•Guide to Breastfeeding Booklet with helpful hints

Note:  not BPA free

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